Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Koster Responds: Gibbons Voted To Let Criminals Out

The Democratic campaign for Attorney General sends out an early morning e-mail Wednesday responding to Mike Gibbon's 2nd television ad.
"Behind in the polls and with no relevant experience for the job, professional politician Michael Gibbons is trying to deceive Missouri voters about Chris Koster's record with a stealth negative ad," says Koster spokesperson Danny Kanner. "It's impossible to compare Chris Koster's conviction rate with Michael Gibbons' because Gibbons has never prosecuted or convicted anyone. No one. Not a single one."
Kanner goes on: "In ten years as Prosecuting Attorney, Chris Koster amassed approximately 20 homicide convictions, two Supreme Court victories, and thousands of felony convictions. While Chris Koster was spending a decade putting criminals behind bars, Senator Gibbons was in Jefferson City voting to let them out."
The Notebook has asked the Koster campaign to explain how Gibbons voted to let criminals out through his votes in Jefferson City. UPDATE 11:48 A.M. "In 2003, Sen. Gibbons voted for SB 5 -- a bill that relaxed sentencing standards and resulted in 1,400 new criminals on the streets each year," Kanner tells The Notebook.

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