Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kinder Answers Claims in Page Attack Ad


"That's The Goebbels' Hitler . . .

Big Lie, Tell A Big Lie."

In a recent television ad, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Sam Page accuses Peter Kinder of calling second-hand smoke, "faulty science", losing "millions of taxpayer dollars" on the Tour of Missouri and passing a tax credit for a St. Louis developer.

ABOVE: Watch the ad, and Peter Kinder respond to each charge individually.

Kinder compares Page's tactics to "Goebbels," as in Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister.


Matthew Block said...

Dave, you let Peter get away with the "unsourced" claim too easily. The ad clearly has citations; whether they're good citations or not I haven't taken the time to check, but they're clearly there.

Peter's answers make me wonder if this Lt. Gov. race against Sam Page has hurt his chances of running for Gov. in 4 years. He was fairly well regarded around MO prior to this race (when nobody knew much about him) but now that he's constantly having to defend himself he doesn't look like such a strong candidate. It's obvious that he'll try to run against the incumbent Nixon in 4 years, but after this year's campaign it doesn't look like Republicans would do very well to give him the nomination. Just my reflection on the race.

Busplunge said...

Godwin's Law invoked at 2:14. Page wins.

matt said...

Kinder's defensiveness makes me think there is truth to the accusations, which are sourced. On top of that, I'm not sure I want a Lt. Gov. who cannot restrain his temper. Arguing the issues is fine, but comparing Dr. Page to Goebbels, a genocidal maniac, doesn't demonstrate the temperment I'm looking for in a candidate for any office.

Joe Cool said...

I'm a devout Democrat but I CANNOT get myself to support Sam Page. Also, I can't get myself to support Kinder either. There's one issue that the Sam Page ads have totally lied about. The Tour of Missouri cycling race did NOT lose millions of taxpayer dollars. The FACT is the Missouri Tourism Board INVESTED about $1.5M as seed money to jump start the event. The remainder of funding came from sponsors. The result was many millions of dollars in new tourism dollars and huge exposure to Missouri tourism worldwide as the event has gained tremendous popularity internationally. Those are the FACTS!