Monday, October 27, 2008

VIDEO: Joe Biden Speaks To KY3

Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke to KY3 News via satellite this morning.
We asked him about capital gains taxes, a controversial Christian County flier portraying Senator Obama as a Muslim and, if successful, when he plans to resign his U.S. Senate seat.

On Capital Gains Taxes, and How The Hikes Won't Hit You If You Make Less Than $250K: "Not only do we not increase your capital gains if you're below that number, you actually get a break if you're a small business . . . The capital gains are not the problem now."

On Timing of the Tax Increases For The Wealthier: "We would let it expire. They go back to the same tax structure they had under President Clinton, where they did extremely well."

On Those Who Believe Obama's A Muslim: "The few people who believe that have just been infected by fear and concern . . . I think you'll see that all dissipate."

On Republicans He'd Recommend For Obama's Administration: "It's inappropriate for me to talk about that on the air . . . We've got a long way to go, eight days to go."

On When He'd Resign His Senate Seat, If Successful: "I wouldn't resign my Senate seat until I were sworn in as Vice President of the United States."

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RudyT said...

Dave got the message from the Obama/Biden campaign - don't ask any hard questions or we will cut you off.

Nice softball questions Dave.