Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blunt: Take A Stand . . .

***UPDATE: Hulshof Supports Tour
Gov. Matt Blunt sends out a statement saying that the candidates for Governor need to take a position on the Tour of Missouri. "The race has increased our state's presence to an international audience, promoted tourism and generated millions of dollars for Missouri's economy," the Governor said. "It is also critical that Missouri's next governor support this great event and I would hope the candidates agree.
Statement from Blunt cites "concern," some have expressed because the Governor is leaving office, and the race is losing one of its biggest backers.
From Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's Office: "Rep. Hulshof sent a personal letter to Lt. Gov. Kinder pledging his support for the Tour of Missouri, if elected," said Gary McElyea, Kinder spokesperson

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Craig said...

Good move here by Gov. Blunt. While our state's economy has done well under his watch, the national credit crisis and market collapse means we need all the extra dollars we can get, and this race is an excellent source of said income. It's a win-win: the race promotes our great state, brings in millions, and should be supported by both candidates.