Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ask The Magic 8-Ball

for the final 8 Days

1. Will Jay Nixon "spread his wealth" of his campaign contributions around to help down-ballot Democrats like Sam Page?

2. Which candidate will get closest to going super-ultra-thermo-nuclear-negative?

3. Who's a better "closer," Sam Page or Peter Kinder?

4. If Hulshof loses by 8 or more points, who's going to receive the brunt of the blame?

5. Will the unprecedented, unrelenting organization by the Obama campaign in conservative Southwest Missouri end up making a measurable difference?

6. Can Brad Lager prove he's stronger than the tide?

7. Why didn't we ever see Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman hold a single public campaign event together? (Not one -- nothing, nada, zero?)

8. Who's a better door knocker, Eric Burlison or Nick Beatty?

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