Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ad Campaign Ramps Up For Prop A

Proposition A is a ballot initiative that, if approved, would repeal the loss limit at Missouri casinos. Right now, gamblers can't buy more than $500 worth of bets in two hours. The repeal of these limits are projected to increase casino revenue by as much as 30 percent. Prop A also raises taxes on casinos, and it caps the number of casino licenses in Missouri. The tax increase would provide around an estimated $110 million dollars more for public schools each year.

The Yes on A Coalition, recently went up with two television ads, promoting Proposition A. The first is a basic explainer, pointing out different portions of the initiative. Nothing misleading. But David Lieb of the Associated Press, writes that many of the largest school districts would not benefit from the fund because it is set up to run through the state school funding formula, established in 2005.

The second ad is more warm and fuzzy, with the entire 30-seconds featuring a kindly elderly man sitting in his living room explaining how Proposition A would benefit "our kids." Business groups and casinos doing business in Missouri are behind the measure. But anti-gambling organization Casino Watch is teaming up with others to oppose the measure. Evelio Silvera, the executive director of St. Louis-based Casino Watch, said he believes most Missourians are opposed to lifting caps on gambling losses. Silvera plans to hold news conferences throughout the state this week, including in Springfield, to outline his opposition to the measure. Meanwhile, The Joplin Globe reports that state education leaders aren't taking a position on the measure.

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