Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN Responds To "Vicious Attacks" By G.O.P.

Community Group Worries That Voters Will Be Challenged At The Polls
"Republicans Do Not Cheat To Win . . . And Never Stoop To ACORN's Level."

The president of ACORN's St. Louis-chapter is expressing concern that political partisans will unfairly interfere with legitimate voters this Election Day.
"Challenging a voter's right to participate because of a pending or finalized foreclosure is just another example of the kinds of voter suppression techniques that unfairly impact certain voting groups," said St. Louis ACORN Board President Lynn Oldham in a statement Monday. "Missouri officials need to remember than even people with financial troubles get to cast their vote on Election Day."
Earlier Monday, Gov. Matt Blunt appeared on Fox News to talk about his concerns with ACORN's activities and its affiliation with Barack Obama's campaign for president. You can read Blunt's comments HERE.
ACORN said that in response to recent reports about alleged fraud, the voting rights group, Project Vote, sent letters to both major political parties in Missouri, urging them "to oppose and refrain from" using lists of home foreclosures as a basis for allowing someone to vote. ACORN is also asking Secretary of State Robin Carnahan to urge election officials to "take all lawful steps to protect foreclosure victims and other Americans from being disenfranchised based solely on returned mail or residency challenges."

"The GOP has viciously attacked ACORN this year, talking about the value of our individual votes as though ACORN members don't understand," said Oldham. "Missouri ACORN calls on all party officials to remember that voting rights have nothing to do with owning a home. Not anymore."

UPDATE . . . 12:01 A.M. But late Monday, the Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party said that the G.O.P. has not received a letter from ACORN. Executive Director Jared Craighead said it's ACORN that has the explaining to do.

"First, ACORN submits hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations in our state so that people can cheat on Election Day, then they have the gaul to manufacture ridiculous claims of voter suppression. The only ones suppressing anything this election cycle are ACORN and the Democrats who know they cannot win if they play by the rules," said Jared Craighead.

"Talking about foreclosure lists and trying to manufacture hysteria based on a lie originating from another state in Missouri demonstrates the desperation of the people associated with ACORN - Republicans in Missouri do not cheat to win and would never stoop to ACORN's level," he added.

Springfield does not have an ACORN chapter, but Republicans have suggested this is a relevant issue for southwest Missourians to pay attention to because fraudulent votes that are cast in the cities of St. Louis or Kansas City could cancel out the choice of Ozarks residents in a close election.

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Brian R said...

This is criminal! There are election officials calling in to various news agencies reporting abuse. In one case on a competing national news channel that stated that out of over 1000 registrations only 6 were valid. In Las Vegas officials realized that a majority of the submitted registrations were duplicates and most were done in the same handwriting. In Florida convicted felons, some 35-40,000, were registered to vote and had been for quite some time. At first I was against a national voter I.D. card but with these abuses I have changed my mind. If I have to go pay to get a copy of my birth certificate to renew a drivers license that I've had for 20 years I don't see the problem with someone showing proof that they're able to legally vote! Is it vicious to have MY rights to as fair an election as possible? Is it vicious to ask others to provide proof of residency or to prove they are a legal citizen? Is it vicious to ask ACORN to provide adequate supervision of the people who are allegedly falsifying these documents? Is it vicious to prosecute these alleged criminals if it's proven that they knowingly COPIED THESE NAMES FROM A PHONE BOOK as reported? No, it's not vicious for once our elected officials are trying to work for us. Another question I have is this. If these people have copied the names out of the phone book, could this interfere with the actual persons ability to vote as there are 2 different registration forms? What if they moved, there would be 2 different addresses. Therefore they may not be able to vote at their designated polling location placing BOTH Republican and Democratic voters at risk. That's vicious. These safeguards are there to protect us all and any threat to these safeguards are a threat to us all, no matter what party you belong to.