Wednesday, September 17, 2008

R.G.A. Calls To Be Clear: Hulshof Still "Top Priority"

The Republican Governors Associated phoned the KY3 Political Notebook Wednesday to reassure this reporter that the race for Missouri Governor remains a top priority for the cash-heavy group.
The call was in response to a post questioning why Kenny Hulshof wasn't mentioned in a Politico article detailing advertising buys in the battleground states of North Carolina and Washington.
"The reason Hulshof wasn't mentioned in that article is because of specific television ad buys," said R.G.A. spokesperson Chris Schrimpf. "Because Missouri law allows us to give directly to the candidate, we don't air independent ads. That article was about the ads we are doing in North Carolina and Washington, because we can't give directly to the candidate."
Schrimpf called Hulshof's race against Democrat Jay Nixon "a top priority," but would not disclose the future plans of the R.G.A. The R.G.A. has already donated about $600,000 to Hulshof's effort. "We're not going to disclose how much we're going to continue to give to signal the Democrats. But that was the first donation, and it won't be the last," Schrimph. "Nixon is extremely vulnerable," Schrimph said, almost describing the Democratic nominee as the incumbent. "It's going to be a very close election and we're 100% focused on getting Kenny Hulshof elected."

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