Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mailbag on Brenda's Story

Here's some of the mail I've received on the story we aired on Tuesday's KY3 News @ 10, detailing the economic troubles of Nixa's Brenda O'Connor.
"I believe I heard the statement she was in aggressive investments. In an aggressive investment you may as well take you money to the casino. If you can't afford to invest risky, don't do it. Because of her accumulated problems she said she might vote for Obama," writes Alfred of Springfield. "I have been retired since 1996, and my investments have been in low growth, but relatively safe. Now let's see Ky3 have a story on someone that is having problems, but because of Obama being a Marxist/Socialist, will vote for not giving up their freedom, and not depending on the government to take care of them," Alfred added.

"Having watched the 10 PM news on KY3 as usual tonight, my wife and I were sorely disappointed with an overly biased feature via David Catanese," write Dr. Larry and Carolyn Shields. "A proported generally Republican leaning female will be voting for B.O. this year in as much as her IRA has decreased 40% in value. Though the Democrats have controlled Congress, make up the major part of the executives at Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, and have had Democrat Barney Frank as chair of their oversight committee they apparently are free of blame for our economic crisis. As Cantanese noted, this lady is the type of switch voter B.O. is hoping for. And, so to it seems is he. Also she is voting "for Jay Nixon." Indeed, unlike most of your news staff who could be able to succeed most anywhere, I believe David has hopes of being a press secretary. News is filtered as being unbiased, biased for or biased against. You now seem to have joined the NBC/ MSNBC standard of little ethic in political reporting. We will sorely miss watching Lisa, Ned and the rest of your quality staff. However, David and his producer have sealed that deal. God Bless and Save you and America," added the Shields'.


weez said...


I think you do a fantastic job, Dave. Keep up the good work!

Kris said...

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." - Stephen Colbert

boyd said...


I don't know if this story is bias so much as just clutter or chatter. This lady is just voting based on her own greed or bad choices. You could find alot of farmers who have been democrates for years, but since the ethanol policies of the last few years have doubled the price of corn are now supporting the republicans. Some truck drivers I know have switched parties because of fuel prices. As long as people vote according to greed, the result is greedy politicans and the same old crap. This lady's views will not change anyones mind, nor your story about her, but will just confirm the obvious.