Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nixon Camp Releases Debate E-mails With Team Hulshof

Jay Nixon's campaign for Governor released e-mail correspondence with Kenny Hulshof's political squad Thursday to refute assertions that the two sides did not agree to just four debates.
Earlier this week, Hulshof's campaign said that they never agreed to "have only four debates" with Democratic nominee Jay Nixon.
Nixon communications director Oren Shur provided the KY3 Political Notebook with e-mail exchanges between the two camps. In an e-mail on August 20th, Shur sent a message to Hulshof campaign manager John Hancock and Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker.
"Please confirm we’re on the same page: September 11 at MPA: to be converted to a joint appearance. Candidates appear on stage separately, one after the other. Week of Oct. 6: Mid Mo (KRCG etc) or Kraske Week of Oct 13: Mid Mo (KRCG etc) or KraskeOctober 18: KC/STL (KTVI/WDAF)Week of Oct. 20: Springfield (KY3 etc)," Shur wrote. "Also, can everyone agree that neither candidate will try to appear solo at any debates that are not included on this schedule? We accept jointly and decline jointly," Shur added.
Just fifteen minutes later on Aug. 20th, Hulshof's Baker appears to respond with this . . . "We don’t want to do KTVI/WDAF on the 18th, right? We’re just shooting for it to be within the week of the 13th?"
About a half hour later, Hancock responds by Blackberry, "Fine by me."
Although none of the exchanges specifically pin down just four debates, it appears that the Hulshof camp didn't privately request more head-to-head opportunities in the final days of negotiations with Team Nixon before the schedule was released to the press.

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