Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid


HULSHOF TOUTS JOB PLAN WITH DAUGHTERS IN AD: Wants State to Help Hire 1,500 New Math & Science Teachers With $2,000-$4,000 Subsidies

"Missourians have always been known for their outstanding work ethic," Kenny Hulshof said in a statement. "When that work ethic is combined with appropriate math and science skills, and strong workforce training, Missouri will be poised to be a leader in the global economy."

NIXON AD: Two-thirds of the ad hits Hulshof on his positive comments on the economy, cites Bureau of Labor Stats on Missouri's Job Loss

"In Washington, Congressman Hulshof voted for the failed economic policies that have caused Missouri to lose more jobs in the past year than all of our bordering states combined," said Nixon spokesperson Oren Shur. "Now, adding insult to injury, the Congressman is telling Missouri families that the economy is doing just fine. Clearly, the Congressman has been in Washington far too long. Missourians are struggling to make ends meet, and they’re desperately ready for change. That change certainly won’t happen by electing a Washington politician who can’t even see that a problem exists."

ANOTHER HULSHOF AD PUTS HIM IN THE FACTORY, STRESSES "BIPARTISAN" PLAN: Congressman's "Missouri Fast Track" Plan is designed to focus on pre-employment training to increase marketable job skills

Hulshof devotes $6 million dollars to develop program where new employers will team with participants to create training classes

***PLUS: How/Will this Governor's race become exciting, especially when competing with the presidential race that everyone's talking about?


***Will most of the coverage/attention be focused on the debates?

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