Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Incumbent Young Wins Webster County Re-Vote

A second vote -- and a different winner in Webster County.

Incumbent Southern County Commissioner Denzil Young has won the re-vote in the Republican primary in Webster County.

Young defeated challenger Jamie Ayers, 50%-46%. Of the 1918 total votes cast in Webster County's Southern District, Young won by 73 votes.

Here's the breakdown:

DENZIL YOUNG 50% (960 Votes)
JAMIE AYERS 46% (887 Votes)
RON WORSHAM 4% (71 Votes)

On August 5th, challenger Ayers appeared to defeat incumbent Young by just four votes, but a new vote was ordered after the county clerk discovered some people received the wrong ballot and might have voted in the wrong race.

Young will now attempt to defend his seat against Democrat Rex Allen in November.

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