Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rasmussen: Nixon Holds Significant Lead


The first poll of the Missouri Governor's race since Jay Nixon and Kenny Hulshof clinched their party's respective nominations shows the Democratic Attorney General with a significant lead.

A Rasumussen Reports survey of 700 likely voters Thursday puts Nixon ahead 53% to Hulshof's 42% when "leaners" are included. When including only solid supporters in each camp, Nixon is ahead 51% to 39% over the 9th District Republican Congressman.

A month ago, Nixon's lead in the Rasmussen survey was virtually identical to the one he holds now. The survey indicates that Nixon has more of his party behind him than Hulshof. 85 percent of Democrats say they are behind Nixon; 80 percent of Republicans say they will vote for Hulshof.

Other findings:

  • Nixon leads by 16 points among women and by 5 points among men.

  • Hulshof wins churchgoers; Nixon leads by 40 points among those who rarely or never attend church services.

  • 61 percent of voters view Nixon favorably; 55% view Hulshof favorably, a major increase since capturing his party's nomination.

  • Just 34% view Gov. Matt Blunt's job performance as "good or excellent." 39% say Blunt is doing a poor job, up five points over the last month. (This figure was a point of contention this last week.)

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