Friday, August 22, 2008

Nixon Targets The Economy In New Ad

New 30-second spot highlights Hulshof votes on trade & jobs

"The result . . . Missouri has the highest unemployment in a decade," reads the narrator.

"Congressman Hulshof has been part of the problem in Washington, voting for tax loopholes and unfair trade deals that have shipped Missouri jobs overseas," Democratic nominee for Governor Jay Nixon said in a speech Friday in Jefferson City. "Outsourcing Missouri jobs may create good business climates in Beijing or New Delhi or Jakarta. But it sure doesn’t help our economy here in Missouri. When Missouri jobs get shipped overseas, it hurts Missouri families. It hurts Missouri businesses. It hurts everyone."



"Kenny believes that the people of America can compete with anyone in the world, if the playing field is level. That's the purpose of free trade agreements," said Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker. "If you asked Jay Nixon where he stands on issues of trade, there's no telling what answer you'd get because he has changed his mind on issues like NAFTA again and again. His record clearly illustrates that Jay Nixon is no friend of Missouri's job creators. To the contrary, he would eliminate every business-friendly accomplishment of the past four years. Jay Nixon and his harmful policies are the last thing Missouri's economy needs," Baker added.

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