Monday, August 04, 2008

Hulshof's Last Stop


Touts Pro-Business Record: "I'm pro-business. Sarah and Jay are pro-trial lawyer."

Hints At Steelman Flip Flop on Ethanol Mandate: "It's easy to take a poll and see people are heading in a direction and completely flip flop and change your mind on an issue, and be for something before you were against it. But that's not leadership."

Hulshof supporters are confident, but not as much as they were two to four weeks ago . . . They are excited, yet nervous. There's a sense among some that Steelman has closed the gap, but they feel not by enough to beat the establishment-backed Hulshof. "Watch the 135th District," says one. "Whoever wins that takes Greene County and probably the election. We feel Kenny will win the 135th."

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