Tuesday, August 05, 2008

At Hulshof HQ

We're at the Holiday Inn Executive Suite in Columbia, home of Kenny Hulshof's election night headquarters.

The sign outside reads "Kenny Hulshof Victory Party."

Inside, at about 3:40 p.m., it's mostly hotel staffers and cameramen setting up lines, cameras and lights. They are fussing with the lights. A few of the photographers have complained it's "too hot," which means too bright. FOX's St. Louis affiliate is here, and Springfield's KOLR/Ozarks Fox team just walked through the door. FOX News is playing on a large TV screen. Another TV in the corner is playing Montel Williams (Is he still on?). A severe thunderstorm watch has just been issued for Boone County.

It's a smaller room than we thought, about half of a ballroom, or maybe even a quarter of one. That's because when they pack them in, in front of the podium tonight, they want it to look good on TV.

I'll have live reports from Hulshof HQ on KY3 News @ 5 & 6.

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