Wednesday, August 06, 2008

10 Thoughts About Tuesday

1. Turnout projections can be as incorrect and unreliable as public polls. The Secretary of State projected a 31 percent turnout statewide; it turned out to be just 20 percent (An 11 point difference.) SurveyUSA gave Kenny Hulshof a 12 point lead over Sarah Steelman the weekend before the election; he won by about 4 points (An 8 point difference.)

2. Sarah Steelman has a strong enough message and following to run for a top-tier statewide office again.

3. Biggest flop: Mark Webb in the Greene County Sheriff's race. Biggest shock: Jeff Harris' poor showing in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

4. Change . . . is overrated, according to G.O.P. primary voters.

5. Race we should've paid more attention to: G.O.P. primary for Christian County Sheriff.

6. Democrats really are sympathetic, accepting, bleeding hearts. Chris Koster was a Republican a year ago. Now he's on the path to becoming the state's top lawyer . . . as a Democrat! (Whooduthunkit.)

7. Heat could potentially be as big an obstacle for voters getting to the polls as rain.

8. Can you name me a statewide Republican candidate you'd bet your 401k on right now? How about your gas money for a month? A Jack and coke?

9. Losing candidate we expect big things from in the future: Republican Lincoln Hough (43% against Roseanne Bentley in his first shot?! The kid can hold his head up.)

10. Ron Paul Revolutionites (Jeremy Cady in the 138th District and Jim Palmisano in the 135th) were shut out once again. Does this mean The Revolution is over? Or just on hold?

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P Campbell said...

Palmisano had a quite respectable showing, considering he had WITHDRAWN FROM THE RACE quite some time ago.

As for Cady, I certainly hope we hear from him again. Unlike Goodart, who will say whatever he thinks will make him electable, Mr. Cady is a man of his word. The 138th made a very poor choice.