Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Steelman Camp: I'll Raise McCain to Your Chavez

"My family grows corn, so the idea of high corn prices is appealing to me."
"The biofuels boom in the U.S. and the new Asian middle class's appetite for grain-fed meat have combined to drain world grain stockpiles."

Sarah Steelman's campaign for Governor called Congressman Kenny Hulshof "simply disgusting" Wednesday for comparing anti-ethanol mandate advocates to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

"It is simply disgusting that Congressman Hulshof’s campaign would refer to people who don’t agree with his support of government mandates that are hurting Missouri families as socialists and supporters of a South American dictator," said Sarah Steelman spokesman Spence Jackson.

"Congressman Hulshof’s Washington logic is so out of touch with Missourians that he thinks opposing government mandates and supporting the free market is socialist."

The release goes onto note that Republican presidential nominee John McCain has been a consistent critic of wasteful pork barrel spending in Washington "supported by Congressman Hulshof." But the release does not attempt to pin down McCain's stand on an ethanol mandate.

"Hulshof also insulted his own supporters namely State Representatives Darrell Pollock, Charlie Dennsion, David Sater and Allen Icet who oppose this government mandate. In addition to these representatives Hulshof also attacked five others for having the courage to stand up against him and his mandate allies. Those Representatives are Mike Dethrow, Bob May, Maynard Wallace,
Don Wells and Van Kelly," noted Jackson in the release.

As a kicker, the Steelman campaign also ripped out an old quote from Hulshof in the Prairie Journal in 2007: "My family grows corn, so the idea of high corn prices is appealing to me," Hulshof said.

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Bob May said...

Note to "King(Queen)builders":

You're really Streeeeetching!

Kenny Hulshof has not "attacked" me - not even have I been contacted by anyone about my support for re-visiting the Ethanol Mandate.

In my opinion, Kenny Hulshof is above "insulting" / "attacking"!!

Bob May, Rolla (St. Rep. 149)