Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rasmussen: Steelman A Tad Stronger Against Nixon

State Treasurer Winning Independents Against Nixon

A new Rasmussen Reports survey of Missouri's Governor's race shows Democrat Jay Nixon maintaining a large lead over both Republican candidates.

But the numbers show that State Treasurer Sarah Steelman performs a bit better than Congressman Kenny Hulshof in head to head match-ups with Jay Nixon.

Jay Nixon 46%
Sarah Steelman 37% (-9)

Jay Nixon 49%
Kenny Hulshof 38% (-11)

The nuggets:

  • Nixon's lead among men is closing. His lead over Steelman among men is just 2 points (43%-41%). He has a large lead among women.

  • Nixon's favorables have also taken a hit, but he still has the strongest of the three. 57% view him favorably, compared to 46% for Steelman and 42% for Hulshof.

  • Steelman WINS independents versus Nixon -- 39%-37%. Nixon beats Hulshof among independents 41%-38%.

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quinn said...

Hulshof is losing gound to Steelman after way outspending her and getting the endorsement of big name Republicans. Plus, Nixon is looking vulnerable to a broad based candidate like Steelman. Very interesting.