Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Dozens of farmers, ag interests help G.O.P. candidate raise money at Dickerson Park Zoo Tuesday night in Springfield
In one-on-one interview with KY3, the Congressman responds to Steelman's call for the repeal of the ethanol mandate, also defends spending record
ALSO: Worried Steelman Supporter Expresses Concern After Weekend Events in Republic and Walnut Grove
"After attending some events in the community this weekend, I'm starting to think Steelman will not fare so well down here. Her campaign is nowhere to be seen at big community events. Kenny had a presence, Nixon did too. She was nowhere. You need that here. Does she have an organization in southwest Missouri?," wonders one Steelman supporter. "She's a great candidate with little organization. Spence can't do everything."

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quinn said...

[With apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson]
Half a league, half a league,
Half a league forward,
Into the valley of Deceit
Rode the Hulshof endorsers.

"Forward, the Hulshof Brigade!
"Charge at the trial attorneys Blunt said:
Into the valley of deceit
Rode the Hulshof endorsers.

"Forward, the Hulshof Brigade!"
Was Roy Blunt dismay'd?
Not tho' the Chamber of Commerce knew
But someone had blunder'd

Earmarks to the right of them,
Cronyism to the left of them,
Deficits behind them,
Rent them asunder.

Flash'd their opinions bare,
Flash'd as flimsy as air,
Libeling Steelman everywhere,
While Republicans wonder'd:

The Blunts could not make reply,
Rod Jetton had no reason why,
Their's but to defame and lie:
Into the valley of deceit
Rode the Hulshof endorsers

When can their glory fade?
O the unsubstantiated charges they made!
Honor the Hulshof brigade
Noble endorsers.