Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just 13?


Lt. Governor Peter Kinder announced today that 13 state lawmakers have signed on to an ethics reform proposal that would prevent elected officials from working as political or fundraising consultants.

Springfield Reps. Charlie Denison, B.J. Marsh as well as Reps. Jim Viebrock and Dennis Wood are included on the list.

"I am extremely pleased that these lawmakers have embraced the idea of ethics reform, and we have all pledged to work together to restore the people’s confidence and trust in their state government,” Kinder said. “The individual use of personal power for political and financial gain at taxpayer expense is unacceptable, and this brave group has come together to fight for the kind of government the people of Missouri demand and deserve.”

The state lawmakers on Kinder's list include:

Rep. Brian Baker, R-Belton
Rep. Jason Brown, R-Platte City
Rep. Charlie Denison, R-Springfield
Rep. Gary Dusenberg, R-Blue Springs
Rep. Doug Ervin, R-Kearney
Sen. John Griesheimer, R-Washington
Rep. Scott Lipke, R-Jackson
Rep. B.J. Marsh, R-Springfield
Rep. Mike McGhee, R-Odessa
Rep. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown
Rep. Jim Viebrock, R-Republic
Rep. Dennis Wood, R-Kimberling City
Rep. Brian Yates, R-Lee’s Summit

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JasonB said...

Kinder and Barklage and Luetekemeyer are playing politics pure and simple. It's apparent that Luetkemeyer isnt doing so good so they need to use the Barklage/Roe negative campaign tactics. The fact Kinder has agreed to be a part of it is very disturbing.

Kinder and Steelman have had 4 years to address this issue. Why wait until now? It's been suggested that they didn’t have the courage - that's right on target.

The ethics commission confirmed that Jetton was following the law as Jetton stated yesterday. Kinder and company are trying to suggest that Jetton is breaking the law.

As to the group of 13 - for the most part it is a motley crew - filled with neer do wells. Anyone who spends time in Jeff City knows that the vast majority of these signatories are do nothings. Even in their caucus most of them are known as not being contributors to helping keep the majority - and most are not Braniacs.

Most of them are whiners and complainers. McGhee and Munzlinger are the notable exceptions. Griesheimer isn’t in as deep as the others but he has his own problems.

The SWMO contingent on the list are the least productive in the legislature.

The KC contingent are the biggest whiners and trouble makers who put their own self interests ahead of anyone else's including the people of Missouri.

The best thing about the list of 13 is that most of them will be gone soon. The bad thing is - not soon enough.

If I were Kinder - I wouldn’t have released such a paltry list. There is no reason not to have 60 - 70 minimum republican names on the list. Where are the democrat names? Shows what a hasty effort this was.

It would also be interesting to know if he bothered to ask Jetton to sign on. After all - Baker isn’t coming back next year - neither is Marsh so why not give the guy you are attacking a chance to support your changing the law? As stated in the press conference yesterday - Jetton would follow whatever the law is.

Oh yeah - I understand why Kinder didn't ask Jetton - he would then have to openly acknowledge that Jetton is in compliance with the current law - that would steal some of Kinder’s faux righteous indignation.