Monday, July 21, 2008

"I Know, Because I'm Mark Webb"

Greene County Sheriff candidate Mark Webb will start running TV ads on the local stations next week.

But it's already on YouTube HERE.

He speaks on camera about "bringing professionalism back to the Greene County Sheriff's Department." He also touts law school and 27 years of experience with Springfield P.D. "Remember my name, Mark Webb. It means an end to the blame game within the Greene County Sheriff's Department. The time is now for new professionalism in your Sheriff's Department," Webb says.

Tags it out . . . "I know, because I'm Mark Webb."

Webb faces Chief Deputy Jim Arnott and Gene Thomlinson in the Republican primary for Sheriff on August 5th.


Ron Miller said...

Hi and thanks for the posting the television commercial for Sheriff Candidate Mark Webb. I did not realize he had law school as part of education, seems like another big plus for Greene County. Saw him speak at recent function, hard not to be impressed by his commmitment to improving the Green County Sheriff's Department. Very refreshing and impressive man. "I know I'm voting for Mark Webb". Thanks!

Matt said...

Great ad: clear, straightforward, and to the point. Webb is clearly the candidate of positive change that we desperately need as Greene County sheriff. His committment to public safety and public service at the same time is unrivaled in this race. The other two candidates I'm sure are good men but Mark Webb has set himself apart in his judgment, candor, and committment to Greene County.

Mark said...

Webb's main campaign promise is to end the book and release policy. He states that it places citizens in danger and allows them to be preyed upon. He then fails to present facts that prove this up. The current policy allows ANYONE to be held up to 24 hours upon the officers request, if they are seeking an arrest warrant to hold the person. This has nearly halted the frivolous arrests SPD makes for things like "Camping in Public", "Trespassing", and "Dog at Large". Why should Greene County waste it's resources on these frivolous arrests? Webb has used this as a cornerstone of his campaign and now refuses to admit that he was wrong. He is a candidate for change but not positive change! Thomlinson will bring positive changes because of his current involvement in the department and his knowledge of the current staff. HE is the CHANGE we need!

Chris said...

NEWS FLASH - Mark, at the debate last night Thomlinson agreed with Webb about "catch & release" and stated it has served its purpose and is no longer a useful toll!!!