Friday, July 25, 2008

Hulshof Newsletter: "A Clean Sweep"

Kenny Hulshof's campaign for Governor is calling his two recent debate performances at KMOX and KY3 News "a clean sweep" over rival Sarah Steelman.

In a newsletter to supporters Friday, the campaign said that Hulshof was successful in defending himself "against the constant barrage of negative attacks from Sarah Steelman."

"So much for Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment!," reads the e-mail.

"In the Springfield debate, Kenny tried every thing he could to elevate the discussion and get the campaign back on the high road, including graciously complimenting Steelman, but Steelman would have none of it. She is bound and determined to run this race into the gutter. Missourians will soundly reject those tactics on August 5th," reads the newsletter.

This weekend Hulshof makes stops through Kansas City, St. Joseph, Odessa, Warrensburg, Sedalia and Mexico.


whistleblower said...

If you win the debate, people know. You don't have to tell them you won.

That is; unless you know you lost and are trying to save face.

Kenny has high hopes that the people that read Kenny's Newsletter don't read the papers, or don't read the blogs.

The only person claiming that Kenny won the debates is Kenny.

I guess if he keeps telling himself that, he may actually begin to believe it too.

Will he ever learn that the "she keeps attacking me" claim is getting old?

All things considered, Steelman ate that smooth talking lawyer alive.

Milton Friedman Fan said...

I highly disagree with whistleblower's comments.

Even moreso, I am tired of Steelman's negative attacks. If they are not a sign of desperation, they certainly reveal a lack of ideas and forward thinking for our state.

Olive Branch said...

Friedman fan,

First off, Hulshoffs's is the only person saying that the ads that Sarah was running to point out his record are "negative". Hulfhsof new ad is an actual negative ad saying Sarah is for sale, yeah right, if there is anyone who is not for sale in Jeff City or Washington it is Sarah.

And if you like Milton Friedman you must love Sarah's idea to end the government mandate, Milton Friedman was the number one advocate of letting the free market system work. Competition is what lowers prices, not government mandated products.

Third, Sarah's ideas are the ideas driving the campaign. Ethanol, illegal immigration, keeping politicians from moon-lighting as consultants, tax-reform, those are all Sarah's ideas. Kenny's answer to bring more manufacturing jobs to MO is to aggresively talk about jobs and making sure the tourism department is fully funded.