Friday, July 18, 2008

Former Dem Chair Gave To Steelman in '06

Former Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Joe Carmichael donated $1,250 to State Treasurer Sarah Steelman back in September 2006, according to a finance report sent to the KY3 Political Notebook.
The revelation of the donation is aimed at raising questions about Steelman's conservative credentials while she's locked in an increasingly competitive Republican primary for Governor against Congressman Kenny Hulshof.
The contribution is listed in Steelman's October 2006 quarterly report. Marie and Lloyd (Joe) Carmichael donated $1,250 to Steelman on September 26, 2006.
When the Notebook first contacted Carmichael Friday, he said he could not remember why he had given money to Steelman at that particular time. After speaking with his wife, Carmichael called back to explain.
"After talking to Marie, it jogged my memory," Carmichael said. "Tom Hearne, Sarah's brother, is a good friend of mine. I got a call to do a golf tournament that she always does. We agreed. Sarah didn't have a Democratic opponent. She was in the middle of her term, and her brother is a good friend of mine," Carmichael added.
When asked if he finds Steelman to be an attractive candidate for office on any level, he replied, "We're clearly supporting Jay Nixon in the race for Governor. That's pretty much all there is to it."
A Steelman campaign spokesperson dismissed the relevance of the donation and what it says about the State Treasurer's political record. "Sarah Steelman's conservative credentials are above reproach," replied spokesperson Spence Jackson. "She wrote the gay marriage ban and worked to ban partial birth abortions and unlike Congressman Hulshof she has fought wasteful and excessive government spending."

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