Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Sound Of Web Ads

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Jeff Harris has released a new campaign web video that parodies The Sound of Music's "Favorite Things."

The video features a few of rival Chris Koster's "favorite things," according to the Harris camp.

The new lyrics highlight portions of Koster's record, including his support for the "deep cuts to Medicaid that he helped push through" during his Republican tenure in the Missouri Senate.

"In this election, Democratic voters are being asked to believe that candidate who lined up for George W. Bush and John Ashcroft and Matt Blunt should now represent the Democratic Party as our candidate for Attorney General," said Harris Campaign Manager Christian Badger.

"Democrats aren't going to buy it, and they shouldn't. Chris Koster is a Republican who continues to side with wealthy special interests and against Missouri consumers who deserve a voice.

Meanwhile, another rival of Harris for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General, Rep. Margaret Donnelly has sent out a fundraising appeal to help stop the "dirty tricks" of Koster.

Donnelly points to an article by the Kansas City Star that speculates whether A.G. candidate Molly Williams (who hasn't been seen or heard from) was placed on the ballot to siphon votes from herself.

"If this is true, that in fact Koster had Molly Williams enter the race as a "stalking horse" candidate to steal votes from me, it does have a huge impact on my campaign. It is now more critical than ever that I have enough money to make sure there is no confusion between Margaret Donnelly and Molly Williams when casting a ballot on the August 5th primary election day," Donnelly writes in the fundraising appeal.

She then asks for campaign contributions of $45, $135 or $220 to help beat back "the stalking horse" candidate in the race.

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Tony said...

The video makes me smile. Jeff keep your boot right on Koster's head. He is an imposter.