Thursday, June 05, 2008

G.O.P. General Assembly Endorses Hulshof

By a unanimous vote, the Missouri Republican Assembly is backing Kenny Hulshof for Governor.
The statewide Republican group made its decision at last weekend's state Republican convention in Branson, but released it late Wednesday.

“Kenny Hulshof is genuinely, not as much a politician, as he is truly a statesman, a statesman whose moral compass unwaveringly points to true North. A Statesman, who at core of his very soul, understands that the Liberty, of which the Missouri Constitution speaks, includes; the freedom to be born, not terminated in utero, the freedom to be raised and nurtured in a traditional family, the freedom to choose our own destiny, unencumbered by unnecessary Governmental interference, and the freedom of life and of death with dignity. Congressman Hulshof is not only a friend of genuine conservative values; he is a valiant warrior for them," said William Magill, the first vice president of the group said in a statement.

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Kris said...

They also endorse the liberal use of commas and semicolons.