Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain Visit Gossip

Gossip swirling around McCain's visit

Politicos don't like to talk on the record, but some of the things they'll say on background are "better than S*X"

(According to Hunter Thompson, of course)

1. No matter what the Democrats tell you, John McCain isn't the third term of George Bush. Republicans don't like him that much.

2. Asked a Republican what is wrong with Jay Nixon, she replies, "He's like a used car salesman." Asked why she's supporting Kenny Hulshof over Sarah Steelman, she says, "I won't vote for an airhead."

3. John McCain contemplated holding a Missouri fundraiser at Robert Plaster's "It Takes a Village" compound in Branson -- until locals talked him out of it.

4. The real reason John McCain's Springfield fundraiser was canceled had nothing to do with Tim Russert. The McCain-iac camp was just disappointed with the money it was going to be able to pull in here in Springfield.

5. John McCain will instead come back and go where the money is . . . in St. Louis, of course, on July 15th. He's thinking about coming back to Springpatch for a make-up fundraiser on July 31st.

6. Some Republicans are scared of Mavis Busiek --- and most who are, say if you aren't . . . you should be. Apparently, Mavis keeps score.

7. When my third full story on McCain hit the air at 10 p.m., folks at my favorite new watering hole, "Fedora," booed.

8. Why don't any people who participate in political protests have the J.Crew look--- ever? And another thing, if you're going to organize a protest that gets media attention, get more than a dozen people there.

9. McCain gains props with skeptical peeps for just showing up and answering unvetted questions. Too many people who aren't fans of Bush -- but heard McCain today in some fashion -- have said positive things about the man one way or another for me to believe otherwise.

10. Kenny Hulshof had kids handing out stickers to people in line at the McCain event. Why didn't Sarah Steelman have kids with stickers? "Yeah, well how many of them are wearing them?," replied one Steelman supporter, when I posed that question.
****11. BONUS: The F.B.I. was spotted in Jefferson City the other day, and yes, Republicans are talking (ok, whispering) about it.


maximus bevo said...

The FBI has a office in Jefferson City, so there is a potential to see an agent everyday.

The question is: What was the FBI investigating in Jeff City?

There are so many crooks there these days they probably have their hands full.

Paul Seale said...

Some Republicans are scared of Mavis Busiek --- and most who are, say if you aren't . . . you should be. Apparently, Mavis keeps score.

And you have evidence of this how, or are you perpetuating a myth or trying to get back at her for something?

I would love some clarification after making a personal attack. Lets not mince words - this statement is very personal.