Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hulshof Responds: Steelman Slings Mud

"It Speaks Volumes About The Lack Of Her Ideas"

Kenny Hulshof's campaign responded to Sarah Steelman's criticism over missed votes Wednesday. Below is a statement from spokesperson Scott Baker:

"This is nothing more than attempt to draw attention away from the ongoing controversy over ethical misconduct in the Treasurer’s office. Instead of worrying about Kenny Hulshof’s actions, Sarah Steelman should spend more time teaching her employees within the Treasurer’s office the difference between campaign work and official work. Missourians aren’t going to forget that Sarah Steelman’s employees have skirted the law and they will hold her accountable.

In the meantime, Kenny Hulshof continues to offer solutions while Sarah Steelman slings mud. It speaks volumes about her lack of ideas."


VERNON said...

At times it's more important to campaign for the office you seek than cast a vote, when the outcome of the vote is known. Check voting records of the Senators running for President.

Just think, if Jim Talent had spent a few more days campaigning in Missouri, rather than trying to have a perfect voting record.... Bob Holden would have never been governor. We would be coming to the end of Talent's second term.

What's really best for Missouri... keeping Nixon out of the governor's mansion or adding one more vote to the total.

Sarah's staff needs to grow up and learn to look at the big picture.

V. Rapp

Jason said...

Governors dot show up to vote. they sign bills. Oh, they also drive in big gas gusling RVs telling us how to save gas through tourism.