Friday, May 23, 2008

"This Is Not Stowers Money"

STEELMAN CAMPAIGN: "He has no idea how hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money is spent . . . That's laughable."
PLUS: Spence Swings . . . "He's too big a hypocrite to give it back."

Kenny Hulshof's campaign for Governor said Friday that campaign contributions received from the American Century Companies Political Action Committee is not necessarily "Stowers money" or connected to pro-embryonic stem cell interests.

Last night, the KY3 Political Notebook reported that Hulshof received $2,500 in campaign contributions from the committee, which has ties to pro-embryonic stem cell backer James Stowers. Campaign finance reports show that the PAC has given a total of $7500 to Hulshof over the past 10 years.

"This is not Stowers money. Stowers has no control over the PAC," said Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker. "American Century has nothing to do with embryonic stem cell research. You don't have to take it from me. That's according to their spokesperson, their treasurer," Baker added.

"He has no idea how hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money is spent. That's laughable," responded Spence Jackson, spokesperson for Sarah Steelman's campaign.

Jackson said he doesn't buy the claim that Stowers isn't somehow involved in how his money is spent and said based on the claims Hulshof made earlier this week, the Congressman should give the money back. "I think the facts speak for themselves. They've been on their soapbox being holier than thou. We think the charge of hypocrisy fits and we think he wears it well," Jackson said. "He's too big a hypocrite to give it back."

Baker defended the donations and said that Sarah Steelman's contribution fall into a different category because they came directly from the Stowers family.

"This is a company akin to A.G. Edwards of Edward Jones. They have multiple interests. (Embryonic stem cell research) is certainly not the driving factor," Baker explained.

Baker also pointed to statements from American Century that note "social issues are irrelevant" in donation decisions. "That's what they say. I'm not giving you Scott Baker or Kenny Hulshof spin. That's what they said. Stowers has not control over the PAC," Baker said.

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Matt said...

Remember the old political adage: if it takes one longer than a sentence to explain your position, one is in some trouble. This certainly applies here with Hulshof taking Stowers PAC money.