Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busiek Hearts Hulshof

MAILBAG: "You know who the Blunts are for by watching Mavis."

Kenny Hulshof's campaign for Governor has added Mavis Busiek to its senior leadership team.

Busiek, a key southwest Missouri operative and longtime behind-the-scenes aid to local campaigns, is currently Secretary of the G.O.P's Greene County Central Committee.

"Mavis has directed GOP grassroots efforts in southwest Missouri for over a decade and is considered one of the key Republican operatives in the state," reads the Hulshof e-newsletter to supporters.

***UPDATE . . . A Republican reader writes The Notebook, "Another reason I'm for Steelman is Mavis is for Kenny Hulshof. And you know who the Blunt's are for by watching Mavis. There's never daylight there." This readers adds, "In 16 years, I've never seen them on opposite sides. Mavis is the key which unlocks the local G.O.P establishment."

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