Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nixon Makes Promises

Attorney General Jay Nixon made two big promises to voters Saturday night, if he's elected Governor this November.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor pledged to live in the Governor's mansion and provide access to healthcare for all children within his first budget.

On a serious note, Nixon promised that "every child born in the state of Missouri will have healthcare -- every single one."

On a lighter note, Nixon also poked fun at the current Governor's living preferences, and how "no body's been in the Governor's mansion." Nixon recalled a story of how workers recently found a raccoon in the Governor's mansion in Jefferson City. "If I was living in a house and a raccoon was living with me for three years, I might notice it," Nixon said. "If elected, we make the outlandish promise . . . we will live in your Governor's mansion," Nixon added to applause.

Nixon also suggested the politics of this election year might force him to take up a tradition followed by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. "He takes his dog to work. If we don't get the House and Senate back, I might have to do the same," Nixon said.

He then urged the crowd to remember two things: "Be kind to dogs, and always vote Democratic."

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