Monday, April 14, 2008

More Establishment Cred for Kenny

While public polling shows Sarah Steelman with an edge in the Republican primary for Governor, the establishment continues to pile off for U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof.

Hulshof announced the addition of "two of the most prominent G.O.P. operatives in Missouri" Monday. Lloyd Smith and Jason Van Eaton will join Hulshof’s Senior Leadership Team in an advisory capacity. Both have proven track records in statewide battles and will serve the campaign in volunteer capacities, reads the Hulshof release.

“I am honored that two key strategists like Lloyd and Jason are joining our team,” Hulshof said. “Leaders of their caliber will enhance our ability to effectively communicate our common sense conservative message with Missourians.”

Hulshof also announced that his campaign will have a county coordinator for every county in the state. He said he's the first candidate to do so -- and that's a key indicator of grassroots strength.

"We are building an organization that gives us a real advantage in both the August primary and November general elections," Hulshof said.

County captains will be responsible for connecting Hulshof's campaign with volunteers and community leaders.

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