Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCaskill Gets "Un-Ladylike," Touts Beer-Drinking

At a Washington event for Barack Obama, Sen. Claire McCaskill told the crowd she wanted to use “un-lady like” words to express her frustration with Bush.

“Our president has messed this country up,” McCaskill said, according to the CBS News campaign blog. “Our president, in every way imaginable, from record high oil prices recorded yesterday to our standing in the world, has messed this up.” McCaskill also poked fun at Hillary Clinton for drinking beer on the campaign trail and used it as another jab at Bush. “We drink a lot of beer in St. Louis and not just for the TV cameras, we drink a lot of beer in St. Louis,” she said. “But I’ll tell you, this beer that we’ve had with George Bush has been the most expensive beer in the world’s history. This is a beer we can’t afford to drink anymore.”

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