Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's $5 Dollars Worth?

To Jay Nixon, more than you think.

His campaign for Governor blasted an e-mail to supporters today pleading for a $5 buck donation.

"Five bucks doesn't buy you much anymore. It barely buys a gallon of gas. You can see half a movie. And maybe get a Happy Meal," writes Nixon campaign manager Ken Morley. "But to our campaign, $5 is serious cash."

Morley informed donors that five dollars can buy five bumper stickers, 10 rally signs, three yard signs and a case of soda for volunteers.

"The press and pundits will pore over our fundraising numbers after March 31 -- and they will be particularly interested in how many new supporters we have brought into the campaign," Morley writes.

Morley's goal is to bring in 1,500 new donors by March 31st.

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