Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hulshof to Steelman: Why Only 3?

Then . . . Hulshof camp links Steelman to Nixon
It's Washington versus Jeff City in G.O.P. primary
A day after Sarah Steelman's campaign proposed holding three debates with her chief rival for the Republican nomination for Governor, Kenny Hulshof's team raised the stakes for more.
And so the expected election year debate over debates begins again.
"Kenny is hopeful that there will be several more than three debates," Hulshof spokesman Scott Baker told the KY3 Political Notebook. "Why only three? A lot of Missourians could be left out of the process if you limit it to three. People across the entire state deserve the opportunity to see the candidates firsthand. Why limit it to three?," Baker added.
Both Steelman and Hulshof have accepted an invitation from KY3 to debate in Springfield in July.
In response to Steelman's dig about Hulshof's "Washington experience," Baker replied, "Sarah Steelman is right about one thing: This race is going to be about doing things the same old Jefferson City way, as Sarah Steelman or Jay Nixon would, or bringing in someone with a fresh perspective, like Kenny Hulshof."

"Missourians are tired of the status quo in Jefferson City. They want new, innovative ideas. Kenny Hulshof is the only candidate in this race prepared to offer those kind of solutions. When it comes to politics in Jefferson City, being an outsider can be a good thing. Kenny Hulshof is the only one who fits the bill," Baker said.

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