Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emerson: Drug Grants Won't Be Zeroed Out

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson assured local law enforcement officials that funding for drug task forces will not be “zeroed out” of the federal budget, according to The Standard Democrat in Sikeston.
Ozarks law enforcement officials have also expressed concerned about cuts to federal grant money that's used to help combat drug crimes. For more, watch my KY3 News @ 10 story HERE.
At risk is money provided in the federal Byrne grant, which law enforcement uses to buy equipment and pay salaries. But the President is proposing close to a 70% cut and authorities warn that would mean more drugs on the street.
Regarding President Bush’s proposal to cut Byrne grants, which provide funding for drug task forces, Emerson said: “I can assure you that those will not be zeroed out in our budget. ... There isn’t any one of my colleagues who doesn’t believe that this is an excellent program that makes a huge difference in enabling you all to do your work.”
Emerson added, “We have put in individual congressionally sponsored requests ... for each of our drug task forces to get the monies that we have traditionally asked for you out of the Justice Department and (Department of Homeland Security).”

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Grant Guru said...

Any more word on this funding? My business is in the business of locating grants and writing grants for police departments so they can in fact get what they need to keep us and themselves safe. I was alarmed at this report. Thanks for keeping on top of it!
jenny lynn