Friday, February 01, 2008

Todd: Missouri A Toss-Up Tuesday

**What's the Difference?**
***And, Which is BIGGER?***
He really wants to win Missouri . . . more than anything."

NBC News Political Director
Chuck Todd
views Missouri as a toss-up state in both presidential primaries on Tuesday.

On the Republican side, Todd sees Mike Huckabee hurting Mitt Romney's chances in Missouri by taking "that strong Evangelical vote." On the Democratic side, Todd predicts a close race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama here.

He made his comments on MSNBC's Hardball Thursday night.

"A win in Tennessee for Romney, a win in Missouri, maybe getting it really close in California . . . that's what keeps him in this game," Todd said.

Todd believes Obama "really wants to win Missouri." "I think more than anything, if there were any state out there I'd pick, where the winner is going to have just that perception thing going for them, it's Missouri or Missourah," Todd said.

"Because frankly, I think Obama is going to carry Missouri and Clinton's going to carry Missourah. And the question is, how many votes are in each one. They'll split the delegates out of there 50-50. That's not going to be the issue, but who's 51-49? That will be interesting," Todd said.

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brian said...

What does that analysis mean? I think that Mr. Todd assumes that rural voters say Missour-ah. Why would rural Democrats lean more toward Clinton than Obama? Is that a subtle, racism jab or am I reading too much into it or misreading it?

I predict Obama wins Missouri with a significant amount of the rural Democrat vote.

For what it's worth I think Romney takes it on the Republican side.