Friday, February 01, 2008

Bond: Rudy's Unconventional Strategy Hurt Him

"You can't wait until the seventh primary . . ."
Senator Kit Bond said Rudy Giuliani's long-shot strategy of waiting until Florida to score a primary victory ultimately hurt his candidacy.

"Rudy was a great candidate. He was the best one to deal with the important challenges of our time. But Rudy challenged the conventional wisdom. And the conventional wisdom won," Bond said in an interview with

"The conventional wisdom that you have to run in the early primaries. You can't wait until the seventh primary, even if you're running strong there. By the time you get there, the media coverage that you get is going to put you behind the eight ball," Bond said.

Bond said he would probably remain neutral until his party selects a nominee. He said he didn't see a major difference on national security credentials between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but declined to hint which candidate would be stronger in November.

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