Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jackson Drops Lt. Gov Bid

Former Missouri State Representative and retired United States Marine Corps Colonel Jack Jackson announced today he has suspended his campaign forLieutenant Governor.
“I make this decision after careful consideration and with sincere thanks to all the thousands of supporters, veterans, friends and family members who have stood with me. While I am honored and humbled by their continued encouragement, I feel this is the right thing to do," Jackson said in a statement. Jackson continued, “While I have a strong commitment to serve my fellow veterans and seniors at the state level, I feel my efforts will be better spent by helping elect John McCain as President of the United States.”
Jackson announced he would join John McCain's presidential campaign in Missouri. “My plan is to devote all my effort to helping a fellow Vietnam Veteran and great American become the next President of the United States. John McCain is the most qualified to step in on day one as our Commander in Chief during this pivotal time in the global war on terror," he said.
Jackson's exit leaves Peter Kinder the sole Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

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