Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dixon Ponders Run For Treasurer

Springfield Rep. Bob Dixon tells the KY3 Political Notebook that he is seriously considering a run for State Treasurer.

The #140th district Republican representative said he has received a lot of phone calls over the past few weeks from small business owners and the banking community urging him to take the plunge into a statewide campaign.

"They know that I can handle the job. I think that's very nice, and I can tell you that I am considering it," Rep. Dixon told me in an interview Tuesday.

"I will weigh this very, very judiciously. I think I can do the job, it's just a matter at looking at the whole picture," Dixon added. "I'm only thinking about it for now, no decision has been made."
State Treasurer Sarah Steelman is expected to vacate her slot as she mounts a campaign for Governor.

State Sen. Brad Lager, R-Savannah officially announced his bid for treasurer at the statewide Republican Lincoln Days gathering here in Springfield. Other Republicans have also been mulling a run, and recent history shows the G.O.P. likes to avoid primaries in any way possible.

"What Dixon has to weigh is whether he is the guy. He's high up in the leadership chain, but it depends if a bigger name with bigger stature decides to get in," observed one plugged-in Springfield Republican.

Dixon said he's just flattered by the consideration. "The main consideration will be family. I've driven 5,000 miles around this state every summer, and a statewide campaign is a big committment. But this year has presented a lot of change, and a lot of opportunity for a lot of different people," he said.

Dixon said he plans to make his final decision over the next week.

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