Saturday, January 05, 2008


"You are certainly the candidate of change."

Most of the major Republican candidates for president turned their fire on Mitt Romney Saturday night in a high-stakes ABC/WMUR debate just three days before the nation's first primary in New Hampshire.

Romney took shots from Mike Huckabee and John McCain, as well as Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani.

Both Huckabee and McCain made references to Romney's changes on a host of issues, with sly comments that took aim at the character of the former Massachusetts Governor.

McCain scored the line of the night in quick response to Romney's talk of change. "You are certainly the candidate of change," McCain said, with a smile.

When Romney told Huckabee not to characterize his positions, Huckabee replied, "Which one?"

One thing seems clear: Nobody on the stage likes Mitt Romney. At times, they seemed to gang up on him, lobbing some cheap shots. Knowing that New Hampshire is a must-win for Romney, they all seem to want him out of the race. Does Romney hit back hard tomorrow, knowing that negative didn't work in Iowa . . . or does he take the high road?

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Matt said...

Romney had a tough night but I believe McCain could have pulled his horns in a little. Rudy and Fred had the best nights, Romney had the worst, and McCain and Huckabee remained steady.

The upshot: McCain wins NH, Romney 2nd, Rudy 3rd. We are beginning our final days with Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate, although he may hold out for home state Michigan.