Saturday, January 05, 2008


Leveraging the argument of "change," John Edwards aligned himself with Barack Obama Saturday night to take on an embattled Hillary Clinton, who visibly fought back by touting changes she has helped make through experience.

Barack Obama seemed to do what he had to do tonight -- not make a fatal mistake. Still, Clinton made sharp arguments directed at Obama about why hope, passion and charisma would not be enough to produce substantial change.

Hillary's best moment was a reply to a question about her "likability" problem: "Well, that hurts my feelings."

Edwards clearly made the decision to go after Clinton tonight, saying "Every time he speaks out for change, every time I speak out for change, the forces of status quo are going to attack."

Edwards seems to think he has a better chance at beating Obama one-on-one than Clinton. That strategy perplexes me. If he holds the same argument of change, how does he ultimately distinguish himself from Obama if and when that time comes.

One final point: The vigor with which Clinton showed tonight means -- even if she loses New Hampshire on Tuesday, she certainly won't bow out of this race quietly. Hillary looks ready to fight Obama to the bitter end.

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Randy said...

I would suggest John Edwards has deduced that Hillary is weaker than Obama, and that either Edwards knocks out Hillary or it is Edwards who will get knocked out. I agree that Edwards would be better off squaring off one-on-one with Hillary, but that is a scenario that is highly unlikely.