Saturday, January 12, 2008



While the Democratic race for president has turned into a multiple-round battle royale, the Republican race now seems to have become a single-elimination tournament.

Mitt Romney must-win Michigan. Mike Huckabee must-win South Carolina. Rudy Giuliani must-win Florida.

With just three days until the Michigan Republican primary, here's where the polls stand:

A Strategic Vision poll of 700 likely Republicans taken after Huckabee's Iowa win but before McCain's New Hampshire victory shows McCain with a 9-point advantage.

John McCain 29%
Mitt Romney 20%
Mike Huckabee 18%
Rudy Giuliani 13%

(4 point margin of error)

McCain won Michigan back in 2000, and since the Democrats aren't competing there, the Arizona Senator can count on some independents and even Democrats to bolster his support. Still, this is one of 4 or so of Mitt Romney's "home" states, and he is expected to have a shot due to his father's deep roots and his managerial experience on economic issues.

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Matt said...

"The State", the largest newspaper in South Carolina endorsed McCain today, stating in part:

"John McCain’s most conspicuous virtue is courage. He is a brave and tough man who unlike some candidates has no need to bluster, but is able to speak with humility and generosity to those with whom he disagrees. A McCain presidency would do much to restore confidence in American leadership, at home and abroad."