Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Missouri Right To Life To Meet Saturday


Missouri's top anti-abortion group will spend part of a regularly scheduled conference call this Saturday discussing which candidate it may endorse for president before the Show-Me state's February 5th primary.

Dave Plemmons, of Missouri Right to Life, tells the KY3 Political Notebook the group is looking closely at Republican candidates Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. Plemmons is urging anyone with an opinion to contact him as soon as possible if they want their opinions to be considered by Right to Life's board.

While National Right to Life endorsed Thompson, his lackluster campaign coupled with Huckabee's growing grass-roots support among conservatives in southwest Missouri could plausibly make the former Arkansas Governor the favorite for the nod.

An endorsement from the active anti-abortion group could mean an important boost strategically and financially for a candidate in a muddled race.

Huckabee ramped up his campaign in Michigan today with a new ad focused on the economy. The candidate himself visited South Carolina, where he spoke at a pregnancy center about the sanctity of human.

Back here in Missouri, Huckabee has hired Jeff Roe's Axiom Strategies consulting group to help build support and win endorsements. (Roe attended Huckabee's victory speech in Des Moines, Iowa.)

Mark Siettmann of Axiom declined to name a specific amount of supporters he has helped sign on, but said enthusiasm for Huckabee is on the rise. "We took over 50 people to Iowa. And when we can get 50 on a bus to Iowa, you can be sure we have a lot more than that," Siettmann said in an interview.

Because of the large amount of states that vote on February 5th, Siettmann said Huckabee may only visit the state once. He said no dates or times would probably be confirmed until after January 19th.

Siettmann said he is still working Missouri lawmakers for endorsements. "We may release a second list," he said. "But it's important to note we have more than twice of anybody else."

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