Wednesday, January 09, 2008

That Word Again

First, it was Barack Obama. Then Hillary Clinton.
Now, even Mitt Romney is using the "change" word in his stump speech about every third sentence.

Today, Missouri House Democrats endorsed change as well. "The time for change is now,” said House Minority Leader Paul LeVota, D-Independence, in a release today, citing "wrong" Republican priorities over the past three years.

Levota said a top goal will be reversing the 2005 Medicaid cuts. "Because of the cuts, a parent with two children who earns more than $292 a month – just $3,504 a year – doesn’t qualify for coverage," the release claims.

House Dems also want more money for higher education than Governor Matt Blunt is proposing. They want a minimum boost of $50 million for fiscal year 2009. Blunt has proposed a $40 million dollar boost.

A third priority will be campaign finance reform -- a lofty goal in an election year. The Dems propose going back to the voter-imposed limits.

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