Monday, January 28, 2008

KY3 To Interview Senator Clinton Tuesday

One week before Missouri voters head to the polls, KY3 News will interview the national frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

We have just received confirmation that we will get to interview Senator Hillary Clinton via satellite tomorrow morning.

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Newsy said...

My question is a fairly simple one. To Hillary: Why do you believe you can bring more independents and undecided voters to the Democratic party in November in the Show-Me State than Barack Obama (who consistantly polls better among those groups than you do)?

(I know that if asked she will likely give a blase answer, but never hurts to ask.)


I've read and listened to all the Democratic candidates idea books and they're all uplifting. We've heard the words "change" and "hope" thrown around like it's going out of style.

But, do you honestly think that there is something different, unique and important about Hillary Clinton (perhaps more so than Senators Barrack Obama or John Edwards) that will lead our country to greatness again... rather than sink and wallow us in the quagmire of war, recession and continued Congressional stalemates?