Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here's the official release:

Gov. Matt Blunt today released a television address to Missourians announcing that having achieved virtually everything he set out to accomplish when he ran for governor he will not seek a second term.

In his address, Gov. Blunt cites among his accomplishments turning an inherited $1.1 billion deficit into three straight surpluses without a tax increase, cutting taxes, ending the education cuts of the past and providing budgets that will deliver $1.2 billion to universities, classrooms and students, rescuing the broken Medicaid system and transforming it into a network of care for vulnerable Missourians and helping turn record job-loss into nearly 90,000 new jobs.

The governor called a news conference tomorrow morning at 9:30 am where he is expected to discuss his announcement.

A video file of the governor’s television address is attached and is also available at http://youtube.com/GovernorMattBlunt.

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