Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Locals Plan To Head To Iowa

"Iowa will set the table."
"It's the Superbowl . . . I love this game."

Two Springfield residents are planning to head to Iowa in advance of state's first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses to volunteer and witness history.

You can watch my KY3 News @ 10 report HERE.

Republican Matt Lyons, who has flirted with supporting both Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, plans to go door-to-door for the resurgent John McCain. Democrat Nora Walcott hasn't committed to a candidate yet, but wants to see the process firsthand.

"For me, it's the Superbowl almost. I love this game," Walcott said. "Everything's compressed this year. We still have these wide-open races on both sides," she added.

"Good government comes at a price," said Lyons. "And sometimes that price means you get in your car and travel seven hours to help out the candidate of your choice."

Lyons believes Mike Huckabee will narrowly win the Iowa caucuses over Mitt Romney. But he said he thinks McCain can sneak in the mix with a surprise third place finish. "Like a horserace, it's win, place and show. So it's important to get that third ticket."

"I believe Iowans, like the rest of the country are giving John McCain a second look," Lyons added. "Iowa will set the table, and set the tone."

Walcott hopes the trip may even sort out who she may ultimately support when Missouri's February 5th primary rolls around. "I'm extremely open and uncommitted and I'm actually hearing that from Iowans some," she said.

Still, she thinks Missouri will still be relevant a little more than a month from now. "Iowa's the kick off, it's exciting. The Missouri primary also has the potential to be exciting," Walcott said.

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Darin said...

I'm heading up tommorrow morning on an interesting project.

When are you heading to Iowa?

Any suggestions on what would be interesting to cover?

I'm hoping to add to the body of knowledge - something unique.

I'm the technical lead heading up from Branson with a team of journalism students from Truman State.

Branson Missouri