Monday, December 24, 2007

SugarPlums, Dancing In Your Head

Here's to those who don't take a break from politics . . . even on a holiday;)

  • "HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE . . ." For being in the minority, Rep. Roy Blunt seems pretty happy about the way the 2007 Congressional session turned out for the G.O.P. "Our members went home happier than they have in the 11 years I've been here," Blunt said to the Washington Times. "Our members felt like we've taken the weak hand you're dealt in the minority ... and got the maximum impact. Republicans cite moral victories on war funding, S-CHIP and a sustained veto of an embryonic stem-cell research bill as evidence.
  • PARDON ME - Gov. Matt Blunt issued six pardons on the eve of Christmas Eve. Pardonees included two thieves and two (second-degree) arsonists. Blunt carefully noted that all the offenses were non-violent, Missouri's Parole Board approved all cases and law enforcement were not opposed. "Ms. Allison-Brown, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Birdwell, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Smart have paid for their mistakes,” said Gov. Blunt. “It is my hope and belief that they will continue to be productive citizens." Pardons and parole can be tricky business for pols. Just ask the Clintons and Mike Huckabee.
  • CHRISTMAS IN IRAQ - Rep. Ike Skelton is spending Christmas in Iraq with Kansas Rep. Nancy Boyda, according to the Associated Press. The account says the delegation will share Christmas meals with soldiers and meet with top Commander Gen. David Patreaus.
  • THINGS TO REMEMBER - In most national elections about change, the candidate with the most experience almost always loses. Traditionally, the candidates who win their party's nomination have placed in the top 3 in the Iowa caucuses. Neither President Bill Clinton nor President George W. Bush won New Hampshire. Don't underestimate Ron Paul's supporters.

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