Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Koster Campaigns with Hoffa . . . in San Diego

State Senator and Democratic candidate for Attorney General Chris Koster rallied with Teamsters President James P. Hoffa and hundreds of teamsters on the U.S.-Mexican border in San Diego Wednesday to oppose the Bush administration's cross-border trucking program.

Koster contends the program allows dangerous trucks from Mexico to use U.S. highways, without strict controls, and said he is concerned that the program creates yet another step toward an unguarded NAFTA corridor from Mexico to Kansas City.

He said that dramatically increases the likelihood the corridor "will become a route for the distribution of narcotics."
“Protecting Missourians means aggressive regulation of inter-modal facilities, border control, and narcotics enforcement. When a program such as this one jeopardizes the safety of our community and economy, it must be stopped," Koster said in a release.
“Mexican methamphetamines are one of the greatest challenges to law enforcement in the Midwest today. The cross-border trucking industry has allowed more of these dangerous drugs into our state – decreasing their price and increasing their availability,” said Koster, who is endorsed by the Teamsters as a candidate for Missouri Attorney General.
The Teamsters filed for an emergency injunction in September to stop the border-crossing program until the passage of the Transportation-HUD bill, which bans the funding of the border-crossing pilot project.

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Tony said...

The imposter switches parties and then states.